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Foreword – Bill Drayton

PrefaceAmy Chua

Chapter 1. Social Entrepreneurship in the Age of Atrocities: Introduction

Dr. Zachary D. Kaufman

Chapter 2. “I Pray Never to See Again What I Saw”: The National Vision for Sierra Leone

Sophie Raseman and Anthea Zervos

Chapter 3. Starting a Movement for Refugee Rights in the Global South: Asylum Access and Beyond

Emily E. Arnold-Fernández, Mauro De Lorenzo, Dr. Barbara Harrell-Bond, and Rachel Levitan

Chapter 4. Social Entrepreneurship in a Post-Genocide Society: Building Rwanda’s First Public Library, the Kigali Public Library

Dr. Zachary D. Kaufman

Chapter 5. “Stand Bold”: Indego Africa’s Business Case for Rwandan Women

Conor B. French, Matthew T. Mitro, and Benjamin D. Stone

Chapter 6. Transformation Through Education: Generation Rwanda and Access to Higher Education for Rwanda’s Orphans and Vulnerable Youth

Dai Ellis, Jamie Hodari, and Dr. Oliver Rothschild

Chapter 7. Providing Access to Education for Children Orphaned or Made Vulnerable by HIV/AIDS: Orphans Against AIDS

Scott Grinsell and Andrew Klaber

Chapter 8. Inspiring Generational Change: Americans for Informed Democracy

Seth Green and Leah Maloney

Chapter 9. Re-Connecting Cousins: Children of Abraham

Ari Alexander and Gul Rukh Rahman

Chapter 10. Social Entrepreneurship in the Age of Atrocities: Lessons Learned and Conclusion

Dr. Zachary D. Kaufman

AfterwordDr. Cheryl L. Dorsey

Appendix – Social Entrepreneurship Resources and Institutions

Dr. Zachary D. Kaufman



Under the able editorship of Dr. Zachary Kaufman, an upstander in his own right, this pathbreaking book demystifies social entrepreneurship, namely, citizen-inspired initiatives that may have as much potential to overcome the challenges burdening victims of atrocities and other assaults on humankind as social media has demonstrated in revolutionizing how people communicate in the 21st Century.”

The Honorable David J. Scheffer, Mayer Brown / Robert A. Helman Professor of Law and Director, Center for International Human Rights, Northwestern University School of Law; former U.S. Ambassador at Large for War Crimes Issues; Author, All the Missing Souls: A Personal History of the War Crimes Tribunals

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